God’s Love Homeless Ministry


Being There When You Need Us

 The Urban Communities Emergency Relief Group, an outreach of Spirit and Truth Worship Cathedral is undertaking disaster relief and emergency assistance activities to ease the suffering caused by disaster and emergencies.  It is a ministry of compassion. The UCERG receives, processes, and distributes clothing, bedding, and food products.  The UCERG also provides emergency food and counseling for ongoing and long-term recovery services for individuals and families, including temporary housing assistance for low income families, elderly and children.  The UCERG works in cooperation with cultural, community and church groups to enable local church and community members to become effective volunteers for assignment on national disasters or local emergencies.  UCERG stores the collection of donated goods through regional centers throughout the US. The  UCERG, also provides housing repairs, construction, needs assessment, clean-up, child care, and other recovery services.  Emergency assistance includes fixed and/or mobile feeding stations, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aide, food, clothing, emergency transportation, rent, home repairs, and household items.  Additional long term assistance may be provided when other relief assistance and/or personal resources are not adequate to meet disaster/emergency-caused needs.