The Spirit of Reformation


Jer. 18:2-6; Lev. 26:23, 24; Heb. 9:10 […the time of reformation…]; Isa. 58:12

Jesus said, ”upon this rock, He would build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it…

Christ has designed His church to fit every generation and every time. When the church is not in its proper form ( particular shape, mold or model), then Christ has to reform it. To reform means to amend or improve by change of form: to remove faults or abuse.

  • When the church comes into proper form, it will fulfill the plan of God in the earth.
  • Whenever there is reform, there must be re-training of ministers to maintain the new form caused by the reformation.
  • Reformation will restore what was lost or stolen


Changed Values EQUALS Changed Lives

TEAMCHURCH® is more than a structural change; it is a value change! The church must change from the inside out. In the world of architecture, form follows function. A building or machine part is designed or formed based on its function. The function of the Lord’s Church in this end time is more recognizable than ever before, souls, souls, and more souls! Therefore the structure and the values of the church must change. We must learn to value what God values!


The values of TEAMCHURCH® are:

  • Prayer [ up – reach ]
  • Edification [ in – reach ]
  • Evangelism [ out – reach ]
  • Discipleship
  • Church Planting
  • Leadership Development
  • Membership Development
  • “Go ye” not “Come ye” mind set. New values must be instilled before structure and vision can take hold. As a team leader you must:
    • Recognize God’s biblical basis for TEAMCHURCH®
    • Start with prayer
      • Prayer will change your values
      • Prayer will purify your motives for change
      • Prayer is that valuable resource of the Kingdom
    •  Recognize that as a team leader, you must assist in leading this transition
    • Remain teachable


Maintaining Motivation

I Cor. 6:19,20

We are not our own, but have been bought with a price. Would to God, that this was the true motivation of every child of God. How we would rearrange our schedules, our priorities, our daily activities to do His bidding.   Unfortunately, this is the ideal and not the real. As a TEAMCHURCH® leader, as well as a member of the team, we must realize that every person has their own reason or motive for being involved. The fact that the pastor is excited because the church will grow or the vision is taking off might not be enough to keep you stimulated from week to week.

As a TEAMCHURCH® leader, you must help each person on your team find his or her motivation for involvement!

The motivational gifts listed in the Book of Romans (Rom 12) will assist you in discovering your own motivation gift, as well as, those on your team. Spiritual gifts are a vital part of TEAMCHURCH®.

With this in mind, let’s look at several motivating factors that will inspire you and others to involve themselves in and lead apostolic teams.

  • Respond to a sense of duty – there are those who have a sense of responsibility and who feel obligated. They want to fulfill the great commission; they want to be used by God [Matt.28:18-24; Eph. 4:11,12]
  • Recognize the privilege of involvement – there are those who know that if they got involved, they would grow. They know this opportunity is not afforded everyone and graciously accepts. Their growth promotes motivation and their motivation promotes them.
  • Birthing a burden for ministry – there are those who, in their hearts, have received the burden for ministry (not titles) and will do whatever it takes (with nobody looking) to fulfill what is in their hearts.
  • Exhibiting a life-giving attitude – there are those who want to live on the cutting edge; they are not boring; they want to make a difference; they want their lives to count for something. [I Cor. 14:26]