Precious Jewels Women’s Ministry


The “Precious Jewels” Women’s Ministry is a ministry of affirmation.  It affirms the value and uniqueness of all women.  Its goals are to appreciate, to affirm, to discover, and to maximize the gifts and talents of women.  It is clear that the single-most powerful being ever created was the woman.  Unlocking the creative attributes of women and appreciating their intrinsic value is the key to a society or a community’s development.  Precious Jewels Women’s Ministry provides this “covenant connection”, the sisterhood that many women have longed for.  Precious Jewels Women’s Ministry majors on “making the right choices”, whether it’s a career, a marriage or, a simple move.  You’ll find the support you need and be equipped mentally, socially, and emotionally.

Your Price is more than Precious Jewels

  • You are Choice.  You are Royale’.  You are Valuable.  You are Uncommon.