R.O.P.E Youth Ministry


Our Youth ministry is designed to equip the next generation.  We want to change how we do community.  This ministry provides a place of longing and being for our youth.  Bridging the gap between adolescence and adulthood can be very scary.  Change is taking place in every department, the physical, the mental and the emotions.  This ministry challenges youth to have confidence in themselves and to embrace change as a means to reach their full potential.  This ministry creates value and self-worth by developing responsibility in today’s youth.

לקנות ונטולין בלי מרשם


  • Create economic value and self-worth, long-term productivity and civic responsibility for youth through a highly structured, non-traditional, motivation –school model.
  • Challenge youth to embrace change as a necessary means to reach their full potential
  • Challenge youth to have confidence in themselves and their abilities
    • To facilitate the personal growth and achievement for youth by providing a highly structured environment that integrates diversity and connectivity into an educational and unified life-changing experience.
    • To strengthen the significance of underdeveloped youth
    • To help youth understand their importance
    • To develop long-term partnership between Community and youth
    • To preserve the connection between youth and their roots or identity in an increasingly global world


 Build self-esteem and social responsibility through application of physical fitness and discipline, teamwork and leadership principles.

  • Provide a structured educational program that is supplemental to Pennsylvania / Philadelphia educational standards.
  • Enhance personal growth, maturity, and the development of life coping skills using trained staff counselors, guided group interaction and specialized classroom activities. Program content will be represented by staff and augmented by guest speakers.
  • Improve physical well-being by providing a drug /alcohol/tobacco free environment, structured physical fitness training and sports activities. Classes will include discussions on health, nutrition, sex education and parenting topics.
  • Strengthen resistance to negative influences, including substance abuse through classroom instruction.
  • Develop attitudes of responsible citizenship through classroom instruction, participation in student government and community service. Eligible students will also register to vote while participating in The R.O.P.E. Program.
  • Direct students as appropriate toward finishing high school, seeking vocational training, obtaining full-time employment or enrolling in post secondary education. Help students understand how to identify and achieve their goals.
  • Establish and provide “after-school” mentoring program that tracks and reinforces successes by teaming students with trained community mentors.
  • Motivate students to improve their academic performance by illustrating the connection between education and real world applications beyond school.