The Brotherhood of Faithful Men, Int’l

The Brotherhood of Faithful Men, Int’l

Our men’s ministry, the Brotherhood of Faithful Men. It reinforces who men are before God and reconstructs this divine relationship.  It exposes the unlimited capabilities of a man and redirects his movements to bring about total fulfillment in this world and the world to come. It re-aligns men with the vital relationships that develop character, credibility,  and responsibility.  It also reveals a man’s need for accountability.  This ministry centers around a man’s relationship with God, through His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ; a relationship with his wife and his children; a man’s responsibility to provide a home for his family and for a man to enjoy, in this life,  all the fruits of his labor.  …”For these are his portion under the sun”… Eccl. 9:9

While the world looks for better methods, God looks for better men.

Unearthing the hidden value of a man ( a Black man)

Your strength is the knowledge of self; Your strength lies in your unity; Your strength is in your ability to stabilize world economies; Your strength is in your capability to dominate cultures; Your strength is your accountability to humanity.